For more than two decades, Direct Results has been at the forefront of delivering innovative, result-oriented business solutions. As a locally owned, woman-led organization, we have carved out a unique niche in the B2B landscape by offering an extensive range of services that go beyond the ordinary. Today, we’re spotlighting one of our most cherished specializations – our screen printing and embroidery services. Combining precise artistry with unwavering dedication to quality, we transform everyday items into distinctive branded pieces that elevate your business identity.

Screen printing is an age-old technique that remains a cornerstone of modern apparel decoration. This meticulous process involves creating a “stencil” (or a “screen”) and applying layers of ink to the printing surface. The versatility and durability of this method enable us to craft vibrant designs that make a statement on a variety of materials, from cotton t-shirts to canvas tote bags.

Yet, screen printing can be a double-edged sword. In inexperienced hands, it can result in blurred images, uneven ink distribution, and fading colors. At Direct Results, eradicating these common issues is our mission. We marry our years of expertise with top-quality materials, ensuring sharp and precise prints. Our use of premium plastisol inks, known for their longevity and vibrant color retention, enables us to create designs that stay crisp and vivid, even after countless washes.

Embroidery, another facet of our expertise, is a timeless art form that adds a unique blend of sophistication and durability to your apparel. Through exacting stitches, we embed your design directly onto the fabric, creating a tactile, three-dimensional effect that captivates the eye.

Like screen printing, embroidery has its challenges. Common problems such as thread breakage, misaligned designs, or alterations in the original artwork due to poor digitization can turn a beautiful piece of custom apparel into a disappointing product. At Direct Results, we’ve refined our processes to overcome these obstacles. Our robust threads withstand machine speed and friction, reducing thread breakage. Seasoned professionals conduct our digitization process, interpreting your logo or design for our embroidery machines, thus ensuring consistent alignment and faithful reproduction of your original artwork.

Choosing Direct Results means you’re gaining more than a vendor; you’re partnering with a team committed to your brand’s vision. Leveraging our skilled team, the latest technology, and a deep understanding of industry trends, we deliver more than just quality – we infuse creativity and precision into every project.

Our experience spans across clients of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, in 28 states and around the globe. Our unwavering commitment to surpassing client expectations is the driving force behind our company motto, “Yes! We can do it.” From innovative screen-printing designs to intricate embroidered motifs, we don’t just bring your vision to life – we enhance it, helping your brand get the recognition it deserves.