Why Choose Direct Results?
Here are a few great reasons.
At Direct Results, we’re well aware you have numerous options when it comes to your promotional, advertising and branding needs. From online competitors to regional companies offering similar services — you have choices. Yet, we’re confident Direct Results is your absolute best choice. Here are a few great reasons:


75% of everything we produce, is produced in-house. At Direct Results, we’ve worked diligently to assemble a team of the industry’s leading experts in design, screen printing, vinyl graphics, commercial printing and embroidery, creating jobs along the way and bringing a great deal of specialization to the region. Not only that, because we produce the vast majority of our products in-house, you, our customer, have the ability to visit our facility and see, feel and sample the work we’re doing for you.

Knowledgeable Solutions

When it comes to promotion, advertising and branding, we know it. At Direct Results, we have a team of branding experts who make it “their business” to know “your business.” As a team, we collaborate, sharing energy and ideas to provide creative and knowledgeable solutions. We partner with you and identify potential branding opportunities and product solutions that will take your business or industry to the next level. In fact, we are constantly working to make sure we know the latest industry trends and the most effective ways to communicate to your target consumer.

We’re Connected

At Direct Results, we’re uniquely connected to businesses throughout the region. What does this mean for you? In business, a solid referral is everything. And, at Direct Results, we have the privilege of “connecting” our connections. We love it — and our clients love it — when we’re able to make connections between clients that are mutually beneficial.

Fast Turn-Around

Thanks to our robust in-house production capabilities, we offer a much faster turn-around than you could receive online, or from regional competitors. From our responsive branding strategists dedicated to excellent customer service, to our in-house design team and our in-house production facility, at Direct Results, we’re able to deliver what you need, when you need it!

We Buy Local

Though we’re proud to be connected with leading suppliers across the nation, any opportunity we have to buy local, we do. At Direct Results, we believe in investing in the community and creating jobs. If we can find the best product at the best price, close to home, you can be sure we’ll take every opportunity possible to buy local, benefiting local communities and families — and saving on freight, too!


At Direct Results, we’re all about community. We also believe in “giving back.” Therefore, when you partner with Direct Results you’re participating in our active community-focused work of donating to local charities and promoting community events that grow our region. In addition to serving within local churches and on a host of community boards, we’re proud to sponsor and support numerous community and charitable causes (Bobtown Basketball, Dunkard Valley Youth Baseball, Greene County Humane Society, the Greene County Salvation Army, the United Way of Greene County, and many more) that make our community a great place to call “home.” READ MORE

Quality Control

Our in-house design and production capabilities mean quality control and customer service, from design & concept, to application. When you work with our branding specialists, they understand your needs and expectations and are then able to communicate, face-to-face, with our team of designers and our in-house experts who will manufacture your product. We stand behind our products and services.

Certified Women-Owned Business

If your business or organization actively supports small, minority and women-owned businesses, Direct Results will help you meet your goals while providing superior quality and service. Direct Results is a certified women-owned business, specifically designated as a DBE or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. This designation provides regional and national clients of Direct Results, who receive funds for projects from the U.S. Department of Transportation or other agencies with similar requisites, the ability of achieving the requirement of conducting business with a specified percentage of disadvantaged businesses. For specific NAICS Codes and certification documentation, please contact us.