Our Story
Yes! We can do it!
The saying is, “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.” And, at Direct Results, there’s no better example of this than our company’s “can do” attitude.

Where did it originate? Our owners, of course — Shelly Brown and Pam Blaker, two women with ambitious ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit.

What initially began as an idea in the hearts and minds of our owners is, today, a wildly successful reality, boasting close to 20 employees. Fully embodying our “Yes! We can do it.” tagline and spirit of accomplishment, Direct Results provides branding at its best, giving area businesses and organizations everything from logo design and advertising to in-house screen printing, embroidery, commercial printing and a full-service sign shop.

Initially founded in 2002, shortly after the creation of our signature product, the GreeneScene (formerly known as the GreeneSaver), Direct Results quickly expanded in proportion to the demand for a company that could work hand-in-hand with area businesses, giving everyone “direct results.”

The first area of expansion included providing specialty and promotional products.

And, our first official location was a tiny little office between two large buildings directly across the street from the courthouse in downtown Waynesburg. We called it, “The little office that does Big Business.”

It wasn’t long before we had to find space that could accommodate more than a single desk and computer. We moved up the block and across the street to 141 East High Street, where we stayed until 2010.

As demand grew, so did our Direct Results team. And, a larger team called for a new, larger location. We relocated to 30 West High Street, a mere four blocks away, but a larger home for our ever-expanding business.

In was in 2012 that business grew exponentially. A new 10,000 sq. foot facility just outside of town (185 Wade Street, Waynesburg) offered plenty of room for expansion, allowing us to house production units and close to 20 employees, capable of providing in-house services such as screen printing, embroidery, commercial printing and a full-service sign shop.

The opportunity, though daunting in its magnitude, was unrecognizably a great move for both Direct Results and the businesses we serve.

As for our owners, they’re continuing to identify more ways we can deliver the quality and quantity of work our growing region demands and deserves, firmly believing, “Yes! We can do it.”